Hello World

Hi World

Now you can read my book; 

Around the world with my knitting needles, New Zealand

as an e-Pub

This is a crazy thought for me but nevertheless for real

It has been a big challenge, much bigger than expected, to get my book out in the world in english. Especially to get it ‘Down under’.

But I do never give up

Though I think that a printed book is to prefer when it comes to a knitting book, I’m actually really excited that my book is out as an e-book.

Its so cool. Everybody in the world can enter saxo.com, buy the book and download.

That would sure be cool for me, but dont you think it is awesome that it’s possible at all?

Well, I hope and wish, so much and with my soul, that you will recieve my book well.

If you would like a book about dreams that comes true, a book that makes happy, a book about New Zealand (well; my experience of New Zealand) 

and a book with knitting patterns 

then this is the book.

A book of inspiration both to live and to knit