Thank you Creative Fibre Magazine NZ for bringing my story, my adventure and my dream out in the world.

I’m so thankful for your interest and the awesome opportunity to tell my story in your magazine. It was a pleasure to receive mail from New Zealand; the Magazine with the article and a very lovely letter from the Editor ♥


At the moment I’m struggling a bit with the english translation of my book and I’m so sorry for the delay.

My plan is to make the release in english before nov 1st.

But I must admit I might have been a little bit naive! I thought that when my book in danish was released, I would have plenty of time to make the translation.

LOL!  There was so much work to do after the relase:

Promotion, mails to newspapers, libraries, knitting shops etc, get books printed, arrange reception, buy yarn from NZ, prepare talks, etc etc.

Im in a learning phase! And its quite interesting and great fun but sometimes I feel completely brainwashed. Then I need a break for a few days and then I move on.

I’m very much looking forward to publishing the english version of my book. 

I so much hope you will be patient a little longer. 

Though I now know that there will be some promotion work to do after the release, I look forward to immerse myself in to new dreams and new knitting projects ♥